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Jane's Kitchen: Chicken and Ham Pancakes - Double


Pancakes stuffed with a Chicken and Ham Casserole with Parsley topped with Cheddar Cheese

Serving Suggestions:? I love this with a bowl of salad or green beans and broccoli

Chicken 27%, Ham Hock 7%, Ham Stock 23% Onions 8%, Cream 3%, Cornflour 2%, Parsley, Thyme, Salt and Pepper, Cheese Pancakes:  Milk, Eggs, Flour, Seasoning, cooked in Butter

Cooking Instructions

Remove the bag cook at 180c/Gas Mark 4 for approx 55 mins.  If defrosted cook at 180c/Gas mark 4 for 35 mins make sure it’s piping hot before serving

Special Instructions

Store below -18c