Box 15: The Summerdown Spring Box


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This Box Contains:

  • Summerdown Mint and Lemongrass Hand Wash 250ml
  • Summerdown Mint and Lemongrass Moisturising Hand Lotion 250ml
  • Summerdown Mint and lemongrass Face and Body Bar Soap 105g
  • Summerdown English Peppermint Tea – 20 Envelopes
  • Summerdown – Dark Chocolate Peppermint Crisps 200g

Summerdown have been growing, harvesting and distilling their very own Black Mitcham peppermint for almost three decades, all from their family farm in the Hampshire countryside.

Thanks to the slow, sustainable way they farm, Summerdown Mint has a pure, invigorating taste and aroma – unlike anything you’ll have tried before. Wander through their fields on a summer’s day and you’ll be struck by its crisp intensity, its ability to cut through the distractions and ground you in the right-now.

They transform this vibrant plant into an astonishingly aromatic, barrel-aged peppermint oil, which plays the starring role in all their award-winning chocolates, teas, candles, diffusers… and everything in between. It’s a unique, revitalising range designed to slow you right down and brighten up the everyday.