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Blackberry Cottage: Carrot Apricot & Almond Slice x4


Blackberry Cottage: Carrot, Apricot & Almond Slice x4Fresh orange juice soaked sultanas and apricots, are mixed with Gram Flour (chick pea) with no added refined sugar or fats.  Packed full of flavour.


CARROT 16%, GROUND ALMONDS 14%, EGGS, HONEY, APRICOTS 12%, (Diced Apricots, Rice Flour, Sulphur Dioxide), SULTANAS (Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil), GRAM FLOUR, ORANGE JUICE & ZEST, FLAKED ALMONDS, CINNAMON, BAKING POWDER (Raising Agents: E450 Diphosphates, E500 Sodium Carbonates; Maize Starch)

Allergens in bold

Please note: gluten is used in the kitchen.

Vegetables in cakes have been around for hundreds of years, we’ve all heard of carrot cake, at Blackberry Cottage they have taken it one step further and have now designed a whole range of vegetable cakes.

Their ultimate aim was to make the vegetable the biggest ingredient in the cake but still taste like a regular cake, and this is what they have achieved.  By introducing vegetables in such large proportions we can sometimes reduce refined sugars and fats, in some recipes, none are added.

Blackberry Cottage lies in the heart of the Berkshire countryside, baking every day, using ingredients and suppliers that are local to then, including eggs from their own chickens.