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The Runner Bean Coffee Company: gymBrew - Order by Noon Wed.



gymBrew. It’s like your personal energy assistant for a day of wins. Tested on athletes not animals. Strong in taste & strong in flavour.

What you need to know:

Dark roasted for a rich, bold & balanced flavour. Notes of chocolate and caramel.

  • Crafted in our Great Taste Award Winning roastery

  • 500g resealable bags to stay fresher for longer – roughly 30 servings

  • Ethically sourced from Rainforest Alliance farms

  • Caffeine lab tested 267mg per 100ml, strong but not over powering

  • Low acidity beans & naturally packed with healthy antioxidants

Brewing Methods

Espresso/Bean to cup: (select whole bean or espresso grind)

  1. Grind 20grams of gymBrew into your portafilter

  2. Brew for roughly 25-30 seconds for 36 grams out (1:2 ratio)

  3. Add steamed or hot milk if required

  4. Leave to cool slightly and stir

  5. Smash your goals

French Press: (select cafetière grind)

  1. Add 2 heaped table spoons (20g).

  2. Add 300ml of boiling water.

  3. Leave to brew for 4 minutes.

  4. Slowly press the plunger and serve.

  5. Smash your goals

Pour-Over/V60 dripper (select filter grind):

  1. Add 2 heaped table spoons (20g) of ground coffee in a filter.

  2. Pour over enough water (about 50ml) to wet your coffee and leave for 20 seconds.

  3. Slowly pour over the remaining water in a spiral pattern to cover all the grounds and fill your cup

  4. After about 3 minutes the water should have fully drained through and is ready to serve.

  5. Smash your goals

Buy with confidence – money back guarantee if you do not enjoy your gymBrew.

*same day dispatch, Monday – Saturday, ordered before 11.30am

Lab tested – 267mg per 100ml (20g)

Best kept in cool dry environment. Consume within 2 weeks of opening for best results.

It’s not just coffee, it’s a calling. The Espresso Monster.

“Here be monsters,” It’s what ancient maps would say beyond any part of the world that had yet to be explored.

For some, it served a warning. But for others, it was a dare. They would set the great masks of their wooden ships, brew up their coffee and set sail like hellfire into the blackwater of the unknown. What would they find where the map ended? Doesn’t matter. What matters is they chose to go.

Like your explorer ancestors, you have monsters to hunt. And, like your ancestors, you need a good brew to fuel your journey.

Go find your monster.