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Brazil – Fazenda Bom Jesus:

“Fantastic value for such fresh coffee 10/10.”

Carefully selected direct trade coffee from Brazil, South America. Genuinely hand roasted to order, packed in fully recyclable packaging. One of our most popular coffees, so popular in fact we’ve added it as a permanent listing on our site.

  • Small batch roasted to order for maximum freshness

  • 100% arabica, high quality coffee beans

  • 250/500g resealable bags (recyclable where possible), to stay fresher for longer

What you need to know:

  • Hints of Chocolate

  • Touch of Walnut

  • Heaps of Taste

Devil in the detail:

The coffee from Fazenda Bom Jesus has a bright and remarkable acidity with hints of chocolate and walnuts. It leaves a very light and pleasant aftertaste. Notes of brown sugar make it a naturally sweet cup. A hint of maple syrup can also be detected. Its stunning aroma is very soft and sophisticated.

The sweetness of the coffee is a result of the coffee varietal Yellow Catuai and the natural process. The sugar in the coffee cherry is passed on to the bean as the coffee cherries are all dried together, removing the husks just after the coffee reaches a humidity of 11.5 %.

Finer details:

FARM – Fazenda Bom Jesus

OWNERS – Gabriel e Flavia & Lancha de Oliveira

ALTITUDE – 1270 meters above sea level

LOCATION – Cristais Paulistas, Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo

PROCESS – Natural process, sun dried, 30 days resting period .

CERTIFICATIONS – Rainforest Alliance certified and Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association (AMSC)

VARIETY – Catucai

SCA SCORE – 85 – regarded as “Excellent”

100% Arabica

Once opened, consume within 2-3 weeks for best results and before best before date.

Best kept in cool dry environment.