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Vicar's Game: Guinea Fowl 1.3kg


Vicar’s Game: Guinea Fowl approx. 1.3kg

Originating from West Africa, this black and white speckled bird was first imported to Europe by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century.

The birds are generally a little smaller than a chicken and their flavour is somewhere between chicken and pheasant, with a mild gamey flavour. It’s the perfect bird for you if you find cooking game tricky, but would like to give something new a try. Roast or braise in a stew or curry as you would a chicken, but make sure to adjust your timings accordingly as guinea fowls are a little smaller and generally contain half the amount of fat as a chicken, meaning they can have a tendency to dry out if not cooked with care.


Based in Ashampstead, Berkshire Vicars Game are Butchers/Game who specialise in the finest quality British Meat & Game.  Vicars Game have been supplying farm shops, restaurants, butchers and other outlets for over 100 years.

They hold large stocks of pork, lamb, poultry, game, bacon and sausages.  They make their sausages on site, hand linked and we use only the finest quality meat.

They only buy quality animals; including beef, pork and lamb, of the right age and physique. In fact, everything about them must be 100%. They follow that principle right through the whole process so that the manufacturing is only done with fresh, high quality meat, on a daily basis. They hang with  beef rumps and loins for up to four weeks.  They have total control of every piece of meat that comes in and the end result is that, due to a very fast turnaround, they are able to supply restaurants and the public on a daily basis.