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Thatcham Butcher: BBQ Pork Loin x4

£5.25 each

Thatcham Butchers: 1kg Boned/Rolled Loin Roasting Pork

£12.80 each

Vicar's Game: Baby Back Pork BBQ Ribs c.500g

£4.69 each

Vicar's Game: Dry Cure Smoked Back Bacon 200g

£3.60 each

Thatcham Butchers: Smoked Streaky Bacon 500g

£4.99 each

Thatcham Butchers: Rindless Bacon Back 450g

£4.25 each

Vicar's Game: British Ham x4 slices

£4.25 each

500g Milano Sliced Salami

£11.50 each

Italian Prosciutto - 500g

£12.00 each

Vicar's Game: Large Pork Pie

£3.95 each

Vicar's Game: Small Pork Pie

£1.60 each