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The Savernake Juices (My Apple Juice) Box


Box 7: Savernake Juices (My Apple Juice) Box

  • 750ml Medium apple juice x 3
  • 750ml Pepple Juice x 3,
  • 750ml Discovery x 2
  • 500ml Elderflower Cordial x 1
  • 500ml Apple Cider Vinegar x 1

Savernake Juices are made by My Apple Juice, the community apple pressing service, based at The Cider Barn, Hungerford Park. 90% of apples in private gardens fall and go to waste, so bring your apples in the Autumn and collect your own juice


Medium – A mix of eating Jonagold (2/3) and Bramley cooking apples (1/3). Sweetness with an edge of sharpness, the most popular juice for those who don’t want their juice too sweet or too sharp.


Pepple – 2/3 pears, 1/3 Bramley. 100% pears would be too sweet and gloopy. This has lots of layers to the taste, and is the sweetest of the juices


Discovery100% Discovery apples – the first main crop English apple of the season. Tastes crisp and distinctively of Discovery, for those who know this apple variety.


Elderflower Cordial from the hedgerows around Hungerford Park Stud, picked early when the flower is full of heady yellow pollen. Goes well with flat water, fizzy water, under Prosecco or in Gin & Tonic!


Apple Cider Vinegar – Raw, unfiltered and with mother.