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Thatcham Butchers: Beef Striploin Roasting Joint 1.3-1.5kg


Beef Striploin Roasting Joint – c.1.5kg 

The striploin, also known as sirloin, is found along the spine in the hindquarter, running from the ribs to the rump. There are two striploins and they sit just above the tenderloin where the eye fillet is cut. The sirloin roast is succulent, tender and flavoursome.

Thatcham Butcher locally sourced beef from Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle from Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire produce this amazing “Torre Meadow” range that they are very proud to promote and mature to perfection.


From Heifers and Steers they hold a continual stock of certificated Rumps, Loins and Ribs which are dry aged on the bone in their purpose built Himalayan Salt dry ageing chamber for a maximum 28 days.