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Berkeley Farm: 13.5l Organic Guernsey Whole Milk Pergal


Berkeley Farm: 13.5l (24 pint) Organic Guernsey Whole Milk

The Gosling family have been producing and supplying Guernsey milk from Wood Farm in Wroughton since 1908. Their herd of 120 strong free-range Guernsey cows deliver organic dairy produce to suppliers across the South of England.

A Pergal is an aseptic bag in box system  for milk. Intended for cafe use, it’s not really designed for consumers, but having experimented with it for a few weeks it seems to be quite a good way of buying milk.

It produces a fraction of the packaging waste  and takes up less space than the equivalent volume of milk  in bottles would. You will need a large fridge for this to work, but if you require a lot of milk, and are willing to experiment then this is for you.

Dimensions (cm) 23 D x 25 W x 28H

Directions for use.

You will need scissors, a strong spring clamp and a container in which to decant a serving of milk.

  1. Clear a shelf in your fridge
  2. Turn the pergal so that the perforated opening is on the top, horizontal surface of the cube to prevent leakage during subsequent steps.
  3. Open the perforation and extract the umbilical through the created hole
  4. Cut the umbilical at the tip
  5. Insert the umbilical into the container
  6. Carefully rock the pergal forward so that the milk can begin to flow into the container
  7. When the container is 3/4 full, rock it backwards to the horizontal position so that the milk stops flowing
  8. Apply the clamp to the umbilical to prevent any accidental leakage.